Published April 5, 2024 | Version v1
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Observation of Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 2.5-4.5 Msun Compact Object and a Neutron Star --- Data Release


This data release contains the analysis results and data behind the figures of the GW230529 discovery paper ( Strain data for this event (the L1:GDS-CALIB_STRAIN_CLEAN_AR channel) can be downloaded on GWOSC (

The PESummary metafile containing the parameter estimation posterior samples for all analyses performed in the paper (posterior_samples.h5) and skymap fits file (skymap_combined_PHM_high_spin.fits) for the preferred parameter estimation analysis (high-spin, combined samples using binary black hole waveforms) can be downloaded directly as individual files.

The other analysis results are grouped by type: rates, populations, searches, and tidal. The figure_scripts.tar.gz file contains all the paper figures in jpeg format along with a Jupyter notebook to reproduce them and additional required helper scripts. Example code for working with the individual result files is given in the PaperPlots.ipynb notebook included in this tar file.

In brief, the rates.tar.gz file contains two files that each include a subset of the rates probability distributions shown in Fig. 3 of the paper. The populations.tar.gz file contains all the data behind Figs. 4-8, with subdirectories for each of the three population analyses considered in the paper: Binned Gaussian Process, NSBH-pop, and Power-Law + Dip + Break. In addition to the data behind the figures, the Power-Law + Dip + Break subdirectory additionally includes two *result.json files for the hyper-parameter posterior samples. These files have the same format as the corresponding NSBH-pop *result.json files and can be manipulated in the same way, as shown in the figures notebook.

The searches.tar.gz file contains the data behind Figs. 9-11 for each of the three search pipelines whose results are included in the paper. Finally, the tidal.tar.gz file contains the four probability distributions plotted in Fig. 14. All other figures are produced only using the posterior_samples.h5 file.


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