Published March 11, 2024 | Version v1
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Artifact for "Linear Matching of JavaScript Regular Expressions" at PLDI 2024

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The simplest way to evaluate this artifact is to download the VM (linearjs.ova) from Zenodo and follow the instructions below.

The VM username is ubuntu. The password is also ubuntu. The artifact directory is ~/artifact. You may want to change the VM’s display resolution after starting it (in Ubuntu’s settings menu).

Optionally, as an alternative if you prefer to recreate a fresh environment, we have an automated Packer script to rebuild and reprovision the VM from scratch, making the whole setup automatically reproducible. Or, if you prefer to run everything on your own machine, you can install our code locally. The last two options are documented in the local setup section at the bottom of the README.

Description of artifact

The artifact consists of the source code and build scripts for our OCaml matchers; the patches that we wrote for V8; scripts to compute statistics on regex corpora; and the scripts to run our performance experiments and plot their results.

We have documented the directory structure of the OCaml matcher and the correspondence between the paper’s definitions and the source code in the OCaml matcher’s README in ocaml/allf/ We recommend using this README as a guide to the OCaml code while reading the paper.

Required hardware

We recommend running on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS machine with at least 16GB of RAM. The VM is configured to use:

  • 12GB of RAM (to run experiments)
  • A CPU supporting the RDTSC instruction (for benchmarking)
  • 40GB of free space on your hard drive (each V8 build takes ~12GB)



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