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PASSENGER D1.3 - Fabrication of improved ferrite loose powder with target values: remanence Br> 2.0 kG; coercivity jHc> 4.0 kOe

  • 1. ILPEA
  • 2. ROR icon Technical University of Darmstadt
  • 3. ROR icon IMDEA Nanoscience


Deliverable goal is to create better Strontium Ferrite Powder based on an increase in coercivity and remanence with no use of critical raw materials (e.g. lanthanum and cobalt, as it is the case for high-quality commercial Sr-ferrite). Two strategies were therefore taken into consideration: ferrite powder for compounding/injection molding and for sintering. The production process involves mixing of raw materials (iron oxide, strontium carbonate and additives) with water to form a slurry, which is then pumped in the high temperature ovens. The powder is then cooled, transported to the milling equipment and delivered to other PASSENGER partners for further characterizations and testing. Table 1 summarizes the deliverable goals and the achieved values for the two applications.



This deliverable is currently under review by the European Commission.


D1.3 PASSENGER_Fabrication of improved ferrite loose powder with target values – R1.pdf

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