Published February 28, 2024 | Version v1
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Defining the Contextuality around Heritage Site to Maintain Cultural Sustainability

  • 1. Universitas Islam Indonesia


Addressing pressing contextual issues related to settlements near world heritage sites is imperative. Preserving a settlement's unique identity and maintaining a sense of place and cultural sustainability in the area is crucial. This paper aims to explore the contextuality of Borobudur Temple and examine how the existing conditions support its contextuality. Our research focuses on the roof styles and motifs of the area, and we interpret contextuality through relief readings. To assess the contextual factors of the existing buildings along the Balaputeradewa corridor, we used matrix analysis and concluded how the context of recent buildings affects the area. Our findings indicate that variations in roof styles and motifs are crucial considerations for cultural sustainability. While some existing buildings reflect these findings, others are out of context. Moreover, some contexts in relief are outside the research area. These findings can be utilized to develop strategies for cultural sustainability in both rural and urban areas, especially in maintaining the area's sense of place.


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