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The translation of the scientific knowledge needs of stakeholders into relevant and usable health research portfolios

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Objectives: NECESSARIES* aims to investigate to what extent and in what way the needs for scientific knowledge in health expressed by the different actors translate into research funding priorities and research portfolios useful for solving problems that affect different stakeholders. In particular, NECESSARIES seeks to understand O1) how the demands of the actors are translated and articulated in the research priorities, calls and criteria for the evaluation and selection of health research projects, O2) to what extent the description of research projects research and the content of academic publications correspond to the demands for scientific knowledge of the actors consulted, and O3) which actors use the scientific knowledge generated and how they use it to inform policies and clinical practices and strategies to address health problems.

Methodology: I this project I propose to combine quantitative analysis of funding, publication, social media and policy data with qualitative methodologies for the analysis of institutional documentation and interviews with expert actors, with the goal of understanding the translation of demands for scientific knowledge in health into a supply of knowledge in a diversity of national and institutional settings.

Training: Though this project I will develop and acquire theoretical and methodological skills and knowledge for the quantitative analysis of the interaction between the scientific community and society. This transfer of knowledge will allow me to analyse from a quantitative perspective the response of researchers to the knowledge demands of the actors in a context of multiple demands and the use by the actors of the scientific knowledge generated.  Furthermore, I will acquire the skills to manage knowledge co-creation processes with a diversity of stakeholders including end users of scientific knowledge, members of the scientific community and decision makers. 

* “NECESSARIES: The translation of the scientific knowledge needs of stakeholders into relevant and usable health research portfolios” is a research proposal submitted to HORIZON-MSCA-2023-PF-01. In this document I share the core of the project (part B-1) and include the Evaluation Summary Report from the peer reviewers at the end.


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