Published October 31, 2023 | Version v2
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Training material package for using EN-TRACK by Financial Institutions and investors

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This is the second of two reports that both share the objective of creating and providing training material aimed at financial institutions using the EN-TRACK platform. The focus of this second report is to provide financial institutions with a step-by-step guide to effectively access and utilise the platform outputs. Furthermore, this report serves as the foundation for the development of future material that may be developed both to guide financial institutions through the platform functionalities and outputs and also to support other further uses of the EN-TRACK platform.

The report begins with a brief introduction of the EN-TRACK platform, the target audience, and the application of the platform’s outputs. A detailed platform run through then follows including an overview of the key segments and instructions on how to access the platform. Then, the main section explains how to access and retrieve the various outputs provided by the platform. This is the focal point of the deliverable. It provides a step-by-step guide to the main outputs currently available from EN-TRACK platform. It will also serve as the basis for all future platform training material that will be developed. Finally, instructions on how to download the platform outputs are provided, along with insight on the upcoming integration of the eQuad and EN-TRACK platforms.


D6.4 Training Matherials package for using EN-TRACK by Financial Institutions and Investors.pdf

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