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DeDuCE: Agriculture and forestry-driven deforestation and associated carbon emissions from 2001-2022

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This dataset provides country-level estimates of agriculture and forestry-driven deforestation and associated carbon emissions for the period 2001-2022. A sub-national level attribution dataset is available for Brazil. Generated by the Deforestation Driver and Carbon Emission (DeDuCE) model, it amalgamates remotely sensed datasets with extensive agricultural statistics to estimate deforestation attributable to agricultural and forestry activities globally. Developed utilizing Google Earth Engine and Python, DeDuCE comprehensively covers over 9100 unique country-commodity combinations across 176 countries and 184 commodities within the specified period, presenting an unmatched scope and granularity of data.


The manuscript detailing the dataset is currently archived at EarthArXiV: Singh, C., & Persson, U. M. (2024). Global patterns of commodity-driven deforestation and associated carbon emissions.

The insights from this dataset can also be viewed at:

Repository contents

The input and output/data generated by the model are archived here at Zenodo, and their description is available in 'README (files in the directory).txt'.

The columns of the (final) dataset 'DeDuCE_Deforestation_attribution_v1.0.0 (2001-2022).xlsx' in the folder 'Final Attribution Results' represent the following:

  • Continent/Country group: All countries are divided into 8 geographical regions
  • ISO: Three-letter country codes defined by ISO
  • Producer country: Country of deforestation
  • Year: Year of deforestation, ranges from 2001-2022 
  • Commodity group: All commodities are divided into 11 commodity groups
  • Commodity: Name of commodity aligning with FAOSTAT
  • Deforestation attribution, unamortized (ha): Annual deforestation estimates
  • Deforestation risk, amortized (ha): 5-year amortised deforestation estimates
  • Deforestation emissions excl. peat drainage, unamortized (MtCO2): Annual estimates of carbon emissions (based on AGB, BGB, deadwood, litter, soil organic carbon and carbon stock of replacing commodity)
  • Deforestation emissions excl. peat drainage, amortized (MtCO2): 5-year amortised carbon emission estimates, excluding carbon emissions from peatland drainage 
  • Peatland drainage emissions (MtCO2): Annual estimates of carbon emissions from peatland drainage 
  • Deforestation emissions incl. peat drainage, amortized (MtCO2): 5-year amortised carbon emission estimates, including emissions from peatland drainage
  • Quality Index: Flagging deforestation estimates 


If you have any questions, you can contact us at:        

      Chandrakant Singh and U. Martin Persson   
      Email: and   
      Physical Resource Theory, Department of Space, Earth & Environment,   
      Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden


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ReDUCE 22-64
BEDROCK 2022-02563
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