Published February 15, 2024 | Version 1.0
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User stories and policy briefs

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This deliverable is the preliminary version of UNLOCK-CEI’s planned collection of Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) user stories and policy briefs. The document focuses on presenting the methodological approach for the development of the stories and the briefs, describing the first three collected and published user stories, each reflecting diverse stakeholder perspectives. On the policy brief side, the document introduces a preliminary white paper published in September 2023 in occasion of the first Online Stakeholder Forum event organised by UNLOCK-CEI. The white paper highlights the main CEI challenges, opportunities, and comprehensive market and analyses. It also explores potential use cases, providing a glimpse into the practical applications of these technologies. The deliverable also outlines plans for collecting at least seven additional user stories and sets the groundwork for developing four policy briefs by the project's end. 



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