Published February 11, 2024 | Version v1
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L'Ecomuseo tra sviluppo locale, cultura viva e coscientizzazione. Una sperimentazione del metodo maieutico in Agro Pontino | The Ecomuseum between local development, living culture and awareness. An experimentation of the maieutic method in Agro Pontino


The mission of an Ecomuseum is to promote local development through the enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage of a given territory. Development must obviously be sustainable, or rather self-sustainable. The relationship established between territorial heritage, local development and educational models is decisive for the success of the ecomuseum process. If we want to have a good awareness of our heritage, it is essential to question the traditional educational system and embrace a pedagogical approach that is able to lead to “conscientization”. With this in mind, the Ecomuseum of the Agro Pontino, in agreement with the Libera Università della Terra e dei Popoli, conducted a reflection on the ideas and practices developed by Paulo Freire and Danilo Dolci. The first attempts to carry out maieutic seminars in the Agro Pontino show various potentials but not a few critical points.



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