Published February 10, 2024 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Ecomuseu de Belém e o Turismo Comunitário enquanto instrumentos pedagógicos para a educação e salvaguarda patrimonial | Belém Ecomuseum and Community Tourism as pedagogical instruments for Education and Heritage Safeguarding


This article refers to the Ecomuseum of Belém/2022 and community tourism as pedagogical instruments for education and heritage safeguarding, since it displays the heritage valued by a community that uses it as an instrument of collective expression and as a potential resource ready for be used by local development. The Ecomuseum of Belém is an initiative of the Municipal Secretary of Education and Culture-SEMEC, Directorate of Education-DIED, Nucleus of Art, Culture and Education-NACE and Communities in its areas of operation. It is located in the District of Icoaraci, Ilha de Mosqueiro, Ilha Grande, Ilha do Combú, Itacoãzinho/low Acará. Prioritizes the enhancement/preservation and recovery of natural and cultural heritage, self-sustainability and the improvement of individuals' lives, as well as the promotion and emancipation of communities. Its main challenge is to develop actions in urban, peri-urban and rural spaces in the capital of Pará, in the Amazon biome. Methodologically, it is based on the thematic segments: Culture and Education through Heritage (memory/cultural landscape), Community Ecotourism in the Continental and Insular Region of Belém, Environment and Citizenship. In this way, the Ecomuseum of Belém and community tourism as pedagogical instruments for education and heritage safeguarding transposes the debate on the concrete reality and the recognition of the heritage resources of society, since they can trigger a new cycle of appropriation and revitalization heritage, be it natural, cultural, material, or even intangible.



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