Published February 7, 2024 | Version v2
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tRIBS Model Scenarios: Forest Treatment Effects on Watershed Responses under Warming in the Beaver Creek (2003-2018)

  • 1. Arizona State University
  • 2. Salt River Project


This dataset contains the model simulation setup and scenario results of the individual and combined effects of forest thinning and warming on the forest hydrologic response in the Beaver Creek watershed of central Arizona. The simulations were conducted with the Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)-based Real-time Integrated Basin Simulator (tRIBS) model at a variable resolution of about 120 m, hourly resolution from 2003-2018 and aggregated daily values in this dataset.  Raw model outputs at hourly resolution are available upon request from the authors, but not included here due to their excessive size. 

The model setup files are organized into the tar gzipped file: BCmodel.tar.gz. This contains the following files: (1) a series of input files (*.in) used for the model simulations, and (2) the ancillary data sets required for model execution (terrain model, soil map, land cover map, initialization file, data descriptor tables). 

The model rainfall forcing files are organized into the tar gzipped file: BCrain.tar.gz. This contains the following directories: (1) rainfall data from the bias-corrected NEXRAD product, and (2) rainfall data from the NLDAS-2 product.

The model meteorological forcing files are organized into the tar gzipped file: BCweather.tar.gz. This contains the following data from bias-corrected, adjusted NLDAS-2: (1) atmospheric pressure, (2) wind speed, (3) air temperature, (4) incoming solar radiation, and (5) relative humidity. 

The daily values of the model outputs are stored in the file tRIBSModelScenarios_DailyOutputs.xlsx. This includes the scenarios (BC0, BC1, BC2, BC4, BC6, PT0, PT1, PT2, PT4, PT6) and the variables streamflow (Q), total evapotranspiration (ET), snowmelt (M), ground sublimation (Subg), and canopy sublimation (Subc). All values in mm/day over the period 10/01/2002 to 09/30/2018 (16 water years). A readme file is provided. 

More details can be found in the associated paper (this record will be updated when the paper is published):

Cederstrom, C., Vivoni, E.R., Mascaro, G., and Svoma, B. 2024. Forest Treatment Effects on Watershed Responses under Warming. Water Resources Research. (in revision).


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