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D1.2 Report from user survey with personas canvas

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The AIDAVA project's Task 1.2 (T1.2) aimed to better understand the different user groups of the AIDAVA "AI-powered data curation and publishing virtual assistant" by involving two patient organisations, hospitals and health data intermediaries (HDIs). Also, T1.2 assessed patients' and citizens' interest and willingness to control and curate their personal health data.
To achieve this goal, the project team developed 8 personas based on 39 in-depth interviews, consisting of 2 patient personas, 2 data user personas, 2 data curator personas, and 2 third-party app developer personas. Foundation documents and persona canvases were created for each persona. Additionally, a survey was conducted with 250 participants to determine the general willingness of citizens to use a virtual assistant and what functionalities they would like the AIDAVA virtual assistant to have.
This information will be used to support the user-centred development of an AI-based data curation and publishing assistant. The personas will help developers empathise with different user groups, leading to more user-centric decisions. It will also serve as the foundation of the explainability and feedback layer for the user interface for patients - based on user profiles gathered when the user starts using the system for the first time. The personas will complement the business requirements specified in deliverable D1.3, and the default user profiles can be based on the main characteristics of the personas.


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