Published January 30, 2024 | Version v2
Preprint Open

Proof of Achievement of the First Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

  • 1. Integral Mind


We have created the first-ever Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and first superintelligence. 

Extensively proven for the US Government and in real-world application over many years, this paper provides the first detailed explanations of how and why the system works and conclusively proves that it does in fact deliver true AGI. 

After first deriving the requirements for real-world AGI from first principles, the paper sets forth the techniques required for AGI achievement and presents the first-ever definitive test for AGI - the Olsher Test. 

It engages key issues such as provable safety and responsibility and overcomes the work of Fjelland, Dreyfus, and other scholars who have previously argued that AGI can never be realized. 

It then further updates Newell and Simon's Physical Symbol System hypothesis and learning theory for the modern era. 

Finally, the paper explains a key corollary of the present work - that traditional approaches have been proven incapable of ever achieving AGI.


Proof of Achievement of First Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - Olsher v2.pdf

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