Published June 18, 2014 | Version v1
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IBNWB Template Brain

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An extended, whole-brain version of the original IBN template brain made available from:

A Systematic Nomenclature for the Insect Brain
Kei Ito, Kazunori Shinomiya, Masayoshi Ito, J. Douglas Armstrong, George Boyan, Volker Hartenstein, Steffen Harzsch, Martin Heisenberg, Uwe Homberg, Arnim Jenett, Haig Keshishian, Linda L. Restifo, Wolfgang Rössler, Julie H. Simpson, Nicholas J. Strausfeld, Roland Strauss, Leslie B. Vosshall, Insect Brain Name Working Group

The green channel (n-syb-GFP) of the tricolour confocal data provided was taken, duplicated and flipped about the medio-lateral axis using Fiji. The Fiji plugin 'Pairwise stitching' was used to stitch the two stacks together with an offset of 392 pixels. This offset was chosen by eye as the one from the range of offsets 385–400 pixels that produced the most anatomically correct result. The overlapping region's intensity was set using the 'linear blend' method.


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