Published January 24, 2024 | Version 3.21.0-27
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OPENDAP/libdap4: Hyrax-1.17.0


News for version 3.21.0-27

  • Added new Direct I/O support so that modules written using libdap can pass compressed data buffers read directly from disk to output files without expensive decompression and recompression operations.
  • Merged contributed fixes from Bo Anderson <mail at> Fix handling of libtirpc pkg-config files with -L flags (#228)
  • Merged contributed fixes from Dan Horák <da at> add missing include (#227) With GCC 13 the <cstdint> header isn't included thru other headers any more, thus include it explictly. Otherwise uint8_t or uint32_t type remain undefined in Fixes: add missing big endian baselines (#196)
  • Fixed a bug where the copy ctor for D4Maps failed to correctly set the parent Array.
  • Merged contributed fix from Orion Poplawski <orion at> Add missing cstdint include for uint32_t (#219)
  • Removed support for RHEL 7 (CentOS 7)
  • Now require C++-11 to build the code. However, configure will use C++-14 if it finds that and the next release will require that.
  • Moved the functionality of is_dap4_projected() into libdap4 (#213). This had a number of consequences and there are new methods to support the feature.
  • Added support for 64-bit sized arrays. This was done by adding a set of 'size methods' that have the suffix '_ll' (for long long). These should be used in place of the old methods, which are still in the code.



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