Published June 26, 2023 | Version v1
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D4.8 – Ontology ecosystem knowledge graph, second version

  • 1. ROR icon Ollscoil na Gaillimhe – University of Galway
  • 2. ROR icon University of Oslo
  • 3. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


This document provides a comprehensive overview of the OntoCommons project's knowledge base, which is developed through the use of a designated platform called OCEANS (OntoCommons Collaborative Editing and Authoring Knowledge graphs), used to record the knowledge generated in the project in a machine-readable format and visualized through knowledge graphs. The OCEANS platform is built on top of an open-source collaborative environment supporting RDF/OWL known as WebProtégé, which has been customized to better suit the needs of OntoCommons while still retaining most of its features.

The primary objective of creating the knowledge base is to ensure that all the information regarding the Ontology Commons Ecosystem (OCES) Toolkit generated within Work Package 4 (WP4) is encoded into machine-readable knowledge graphs that describe the OCES Toolkit and beyond. This will enable researchers and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and contribute to the knowledge base, thereby enriching the OntoCommons project.

The first version of the ontology ecosystem knowledge graph accomplished many valuable outcomes. For instance, it defined the ontology ecosystem knowledge base and knowledge graph, established the content model of the ontology ecosystem knowledge base, analyzed the requirements for the collaborative editing and authoring platform, created the architecture of OCEANS, and generated the first version of the ontology ecosystem knowledge base and knowledge graphs. In the second version, the team focused on restructuring the knowledge base. Specifically, they followed an upper-level ontology, the information artefact ontology, to regroup and classify the information artefacts used in the OCES Toolkit. Additionally, the knowledge graph of the second version was visualized through SousLeSens to enhance the project's cutting-edge nature and ensure it remains at the forefront of the field. This iterative process of refining and enhancing the ontology ecosystem knowledge graph is a continuous effort to improve its functionality and relevance.


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