Published December 20, 2023 | Version 0.1
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European Social Science Infrastructure White Paper

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Building on the achievements of recent years and envisioning a stronger alignment between the needs of the research community, we offer 7 clear recommendations for developments in Data, Computation, FAIR, Tools, Expertise, and Governance. Greater investments in European Social Science Infrastructure will make use of the opportunities of new data, methods and tools whilst also rising collectively to the challenges that they pose, harnessing the power of this ongoing data revolution. The challenges we face, such as climate change, ethical AI, misinformation, and population ageing, all have an international character. This white paper has been prepared by Tom Emery, Kasia Karpinska, Angelica Maineri and Lucas van der Meer and is open to comments, contributions, and co-authorship. We are aiming to collate the infrastructural needs of the European Social Science community in a coherent plan. If we have made errors, omissions, or misrepresented these needs the we would be very happy to correct this. All comments and contributions can be sent to and will be very gratefully received.


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