Published February 28, 2017 | Version v1
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H2020 692819 SIMPATICO - D6.3: Citizens & Stakeholders Engagement & Community Building Plan v1

  • 1. FBK
  • 2. HI-Iberia
  • 3. Comune di Trento
  • 4. SpartaTec
  • 5. USFD
  • 6. Sheffield City Council
  • 7. DEUSTO
  • 8. Xunta de Galicia


This document is the deliverable “D6.3 – Citizens & stakeholders engagement & community building plan v1” of the European project “SIMPATICO - SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies” (hereinafter also referred to as “SIMPATICO”, project reference: 692819).

SIMPATICO addresses a strategic challenge towards the innovation and modernization of the public sector: the need to offer a more efficient and more effective experience to companies and citizens in their daily interaction with Public Administration (PA) by providing a personalized delivery of e -services based on advanced cognitive system technologies and by promoting an active engagement of people for the continuous improvement of the interaction with these services. In order to make the project objectives measurable and to validate its achievement, SIMPATICO proposes three use-cases within the three PAs: the city of Trento, the region of Galicia and the city of Sheffield. This enables the project to test different approaches to improve public e-services, in different areas of PA, and in countries characterized by different languages and by different attitudes of citizens towards the PA. In addition, two different iterations of this validation are foreseen, following the two research and development phases in the project plan.

The overall objectives and planning of the validation, the specific objectives for the three use-cases, as well as a detailed specification of the experiments to be carried out during the first iteration of the validation, are already described in a different deliverable: “D6.1 – Use-case Planning & Evaluation v1”. This deliverable focuses on a key aspect for the success of the validation, namely the capability of SIMPATICO to maximize the participation of citizens, civil servants and other local stakeholders (e.g., professionals, associations).

This deliverable has been produced at project month 12, i.e., during the preparation and set-up phase of the first iteration of the validation, when the three use-cases are focusing, in parallel to the definition of the technical infrastructure, to the identification and engagement of the stakeholders, which will become the main actors in the experiments that will be launched from month 14. The deliverable presents a methodology to plan and organize the community engagement, and then to measure it through a series of metrics; the proposed methodology is based on the “Spectrum of Public Participation” defined by the International Association for Public Participation. The deliverable also defines the engagement plans to be adopted by the three SIMPATICO use-cases during the first iteration of the validation process, including objectives, target audiences, expected qualitative and quantitative engagement results, and planned engagement activities.



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SIMPATICO – SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies 692819
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