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The NDC Explorer  is an online tool to analyse and compare (Intended) Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs/NDCs). In 2013, the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) decided that every member state would submit an 'Intended Nationally Determined Contribution' (INDC). Countries based their INDCs on their specific national priorities, circumstances, and capabilities. The INDCs proved to be a cornerstone to reach the Paris Agreement. Every party that ratifies the Paris Agreement is invited to turn its INDC into a NDC. First and foremost, NDCs intend to increase the ambition to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, by outlining countries "contributions". However, most countries also use the opportunity to write about other priorities and ambitions, such as adaptation and finance needs. Countries also used their (I)NDC to highlight other important issues, such as fossil fuel subsidy reform or linkages to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The NDC Explorer has two aims. First, it provides a neutral, sophisticated and user-friendly lens to analyse and compare both qualitative and quantitative (I)NDC content. Second, the NDC Explorer stimulates the debate on content, scope as well as formulation and implementation processes of the national climate action plans. In doing so, it supports policy makers in formulating improved and more ambitious (I)NDCs in 2020 and thereafter.  

The data (zip) is accessible in following formats: 

  • 10.23661ndc_explorer_2017_2.0_metadata_20200318.xml
    describing the data in a DataCite Metadata Schema
  • 10.23661ndc_explorer_2017_2.0_categories_20200318.csv
    describing the categories and subcategories used in the NDC Explorer
  • 10.23661ndc_explorer_2017_2.0_INDC-data_20200318.csv
    showing the data of Intended Nationally Contributions (INDCs) used in the NDC Explorer
  • 10.23661ndc_explorer_2017_2.0_NDC-data_20200318.csv
    showing the data of Nationally Contributions (NDCs) used in the NDC Explorer
  • 10.23661ndc_explorer_2017_2.0_json_20200318.json
    showing all data (categories, INDCs, NDCs, Metadata) in one file


All data is collected and coded manually from the INDCs and NDCs. The database builds on earlier databases by DIE and the UNFCCC secretariat. With a few exceptions, every subcategory is independent. The country groupings are based on World Bank data on per capita income and the World Bank regions. The original databases of DIE and the UNFCCC secretariat were tested and occasionally improved based on samples. New data is collected by trained analysts, and checked by peers and the project leader. Mistakes pointed out by users are constantly corrected.


The NDC Explorer is a contribution to the NDC Partnership and was financed within Klimalog project by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and additional financial contributions by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Swedish Research Council Formas.


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