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Defining security by design: A stakeholder's perspective

  • 1. Universiteit Leiden
  • 2. ROR icon Leiden University


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  • 1. Universiteit Leiden
  • 2. ROR icon Leiden University


The "Cyber Security by Integrated Design" (C-SIDE) project aims to build a comprehensive tool to help software developers integrate all relevant angles related to legal, policy, governance, organisational, behavioural and technical views in software system security design. Part of the project consists of the re-conceptualization of security by design beyond the walls of technology. This report presents the results of a workshop held in Leiden (the Netherlands) experts in software development discussing the concept of SbD. The report offers a critical analysis of the current definition of SbD, an assessment of statements to foster a revision of the SbD concept, and considerations for a future proposal of an updated definition of SbD.



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Dutch Research Agenda 2018: Cyber security – towards a secure and reliable digital domain NWA.1215.18.008
Dutch Research Council




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