Published December 5, 2023 | Version v1
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1.33km Event Column and Surface CAMx modeling

  • 1. ROR icon Shanghai University
  • 2. ROR icon The University of Texas at Austin
  • 3. ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company


Description of dataset 

Eagle Ford Shale CH4 and CO2 emissions (10.5281/zenodo.10278516)

  1. Filename: Eagle Ford Shale CH4 and CO2 emissions 11Sep2023.xslx
  2. Description: CH4 and CO2 emissions at well-level, gathering-level and plant-level
  3. Processing step: both CH4 and CO2 emissions are processed into a gridded format using SMOKE, with no temporal variations.

CAMx gridded outputs

  1. Domain definition (GRIDDESC)


 2       33.000        45.000       -97.000       -97.000        40.000


'LAM_40N97W'  -324000.000 -1584000.000  4000.000  4000.000 189 234   1


'LAM_40N97W'  -324000.000 -1476000.000  1333.333  1333.333 378 459   1

  1. CAMx configurations:
  2. Version 7.10
  3. Simulation time period: 2019 April 1st – October 31st (with a 15-day spin-up)
  4. Chemistry turned off
  5. Zero initial and boundary concentration of CH4/CO2
  6. Output:

Gridded surface concentration and column concentration are provided in the following folder structure: 

  • domain/scenario/surface for surface concentration
  • domain/scenario/column for column concentration.

Two domains are available: txs_4km and txs_133km. There are ten sets of scenarios for each domain:

  • base: routine CO2/CH4 emissions (10.5281/zenodo.10278516)
  • Event Scenarios 1.33km: 10.5281/zenodo.10261056; 4km: 10.5281/zenodo.10255627
  • low_100kg/1000kg: 100/1000 kg/hr emission event added with low routine emissions
  • med_100kg/1000kg: 100/1000 kg/hr emission event added with medium routine emissions
  • high_100kg/1000kg: 100/1000 kg/hr emission event added with high routine emissions
  • nearby_low/med/high: 100/1000kg/hr emission events added at nearby locations

For example, files under 'txs_4km/base/surface' represent hourly gridded surface CH4/CO2 concentration (ppmv) with a spatial resolution of 4km x 4km. Similarly, files under 'txs_13km/nearby_high/column' represent hourly gridded CH4 column concentration (mol/m2) with a spatial resolution of 4km x 4km under scenario 'nearby_high'.



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