Published December 4, 2023 | Version v1
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GDI D5.5 Report outlining QoS metrics, reporting processes, and Node TRLs defined

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Version 1.0.0 of the list of metrics to monitor and record the service levels and operation of the European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) are listed in this document. Input was given into the metrics by a range of different parties, including those who currently operate data services, as well as other metrics such as those from ELIXIR. Additional input was taken from other work within the GDI, such as deliverables and workshops, with the aim to make the metrics cover the full range of GDI services and operations.

These metrics were developed as a basis for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) being defined, linked to the Helpdesk Roadmap, and mapped to the quarterly Operational Readiness level monitoring of the nodes. This allows nodes to demonstrate progress towards operation by showing the generation, monitoring, and where necessary logging of the specific metrics listed here. The metrics were classified into operational groups, and sub-classified into stages of the GDI data journey. 

The metrics are designed to monitor the operational status of the GDI, as well as feedback the impact and performance of the GDI to stakeholders. Operationally these metrics will be fed to the Operations Committee as defined in milestone MS10, however the processes for reporting these metrics will evolve as the legal entity of the GDI is defined as well as the SOPs.


202310 - GDI_D5.5 Report outlining QoS metrics, reporting processes, and node TRLs defined.pdf

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