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GABAergic regulation of striatal spiny projection neuron excitability depends upon their activity state: NEURON + Python model of striatal projection neurons

  • 1. Department of Neuroscience, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois 60611


This repository contains a NEURON + Python model of striatal projection neurons (or SPNs) designed to simulate the interaction between GABAergic and glutamatergic synaptic inputs.

These simulations are part of the manuscript:

Day M., Belal M., Surmeier W. C., Melendez A., Wokosin, D., Tkatch T., Clarke V. R. J. and Surmeier D. J.  GABAergic regulation of striatal spiny projection neurons depends upon their activity state (2024). PLoS Biol 22(1): e3002483.

The simulations run in the Jupyter Notebook environment. The readme file should contain all the relevant information necessary to reproduce all the modelling figures in the manuscript. Simulations relating to individual figure panels are clearly labelled (e.g. Fig5_BC.ipynb).

Post analyses and final figure outputs were generated in R. The code to reproduce this part of the manuscript is in the folder 'R analysis'. Again, the relevant files are clearly labelled (i.e. Fig5_BC.R). Graphical output from the R code is in the form of svg files which were subsequently used to make the final version of the figures in Adobe Illustrator 2023/2024.

The relevant figures from the ms are: Fig.5-8 and S2-4.



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