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Citizen Science Conference Slovenia - Four Waves of Movement in Citizen Science - from Global to Local



National Citizen Science Day Slovenia

This event was held as part of the "Open Science Day 2 2023  Arnes  " Knowledge Network " conference, as an opportunity for researchers, citizens and anyone interested in the field of citizen science to meet, exchange experiences and form a vision for the future of this dynamic field. The focus will be an in-depth discussion on the meaning, role and contribution of citizen science in the modern research environment. Special emphasis will be devoted to researching the possibilities for organizing the Citizen Science Network , analyzing current trends in international organizations, and integrating citizen science into the broader context of open science.

Various innovative practices and projects will be presented, which will serve as examples of the successful involvement of citizens in research processes. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear and discuss the practical improvements and innovations that have been introduced in various citizen science projects.

At the event " Discover, participate, research: day of citizen science ", we are working to establish a strong and effective platform for dialogue, which will strengthen cooperation between researchers, citizens and other stakeholders. Our goal is to encourage the exchange of experience and the creation of partnerships that will help further develop and promote citizen science as a key element of an open and innovative research community.

In this talk, Margaret Gold of Leiden University presented the story of four different waves of motion in Citizen Science, in the context of Open Science.

Please note that two different slide-decks were uploaded by accident - the pdf version contains the slides that Margaret INTENDED to present, and the ppt version contains the slides that were uploaded by accident, and thus ACTUALLY presented.



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