Published November 13, 2023 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Algorithms for Roughness Control Using Frequency Shifting and Attenuation of Partials in Audio



Though synthesis algorithms frequently use parameters to change the produced sound, it is not always the case that these parameters have a direct (or intuitive) correlation to the change made to the perceptual attributes - the more meaningful sound descriptors for the listener and/or musician. In this work we explore two strategies by which a perceptual descriptor, roughness, can be parameterized directly on a scale, much like how interactive sound allows for control of pitch and/or loudness. Here, roughness (often tied to dissonance) is controlled by changing either the frequency or amplitude of partials that lie within a critical band. Audio examples are provided to demonstrate use in audio mixing, sound (re)synthesis and audio effects, with two implementations made available: one for offline use and another for real-time interactive synthesis using Max/MSP.



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