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National Open Access Monitor Survey: Organisational Identity: Responses Dataset


This dataset contains the response data from the 'National Open Access Monitor Survey: Organisational Identity which was carried out between 9th October and 9th November 2023 under the National Open Access Monitor Project:

This survey was run to:

  • compile a complete list of Irish research performing organisations (RPO) and research funding organisations (RFO) to be represented by the National Open Access Monitor.
  • ensure each organisation/entity is categorised correctly as an RPO or an RFO (or both), as applicable.
  • identify if an organisation/entity is publicly funded.
  • identify formally affiliated organisations/entities where all research outputs of one organisation/entity should also be included in the research outputs of another organisation/entity.
  • capture the persistent identifiers for RPOs, RFOs and publishers, to enable identification of relevant research outputs for the National Open Access Monitor.

To note: 

  • Respondents' email addresses have been redacted.
  • Responses have been pseudonymised to the level of stakeholder-group e.g. Contributor A, Research Funding Organisation A, where requested by the participant in the participant consent form:
  • Respondents were notified of the limits of pseudonymisation for this survey. Due to the nature and purpose of this survey on Organisational Identity, the identity of the organisation/entity could not be pseudonymised. Participants were advised only to participate if they were happy to do so under these conditions.
  • Survey responses were deleted by request of certain respondents. These responses are not included in these files.
  • Survey respondents were enabled to update their submissions. These changes are captured in the NationalOpenAccessMonitorSurvey.OrganisationalIdentity.MasterChangeFile.

There are four files within in this dataset:

Results.NationalOpenAccessMonitorSurvey.OrganisationalIdentity.README - this PDF details the changes made to the raw data, as specified in the bullet points above and a description of the files within the dataset.

Results.NationalOpenAccessMonitorSurvey.OrganisationalIdentity.Pseudonymised.101123 - this is the original raw data, in csv format, as downloaded from the Online Surveys platform and subsequently pseudonymised and redacted.

- NationalOpenAccessMonitorSurvey.OrganisationalIdentity.MasterChangeFile.101123 - this is a change file, in csv format, which documents the changes which participants requested to be made to their submissions after they were received.

- Results.NationalOpenAccessMonitorSurvey.OrganisationalIdentity.Pseudonymised.Updated.101123 -  this is the original raw data, pseudonymised and redacted, with the requested changes implemented.

Notes for data use:

  • The "affiliated organisations/entities" section of the survey was insufficiently described in the survey text. One-to-one follow-up and support was provided to clarify to respondents that questions 12 and 13 of the survey intended to identify where all research outputs of one organisation/entity should appear on that organisation's/entities' own RPO or RFO dashboard within the National Open Access Monitor, and also on the dashboard of another organisation/entity.  
  • Survey respondents were notified in the introduction section to the "affiliated organisations/entities" section that "only where all entities agree there is a formal relationship in place that should be reflected in the Monitor will the link be implemented". Therefore, for the National Open Access Monitor project, only where both parties have asserted that all research outputs of one organisation/entity should also appear on the dashboard of another organisation/entity, will it be considered validated and implemented. 
  • The geographic scope of the National Open Access Monitor Project is the Republic of Ireland. Where respondent's RPO or RFO organisations/entities are based outside the Republic of Ireland, or where respondents stated affiliations with overseas organisations/entities, they will not be actioned or implemented. To note: the survey invited responses from international publishers to enable filtering functionality by publisher within the National Open Access Monitor, these responses are not out of scope.  


The context for the survey is detailed in the National Open Access Monitor Project Plan:, the National Open Access Monitor Advisory Group Meeting Minutes, 18th September 2023: and the Developing the National Open Access Monitor, Ireland: Stakeholder Webinar, 22nd September 2023:

This project is managed by IReL and has received funding from Ireland's National Open Research Forum under the NORF Open Research Fund.



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