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Published November 20, 2023 | Version v3
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Documents N EU PPP for IUCLID 6 v7.10.1 (and v7.10.3) Report Generator


Version v3

This version of reports corresponds to default reports introduced in IUCLID 6 v7.10.1 (October 2023) and lately in v7.10.3 patch release (November 2023).

These zip packages contain the templates to be used by the Report Generator tool in IUCLID 6 v7.10.1 and higher to generate the different Documents N for plant protection product (PPP) dossiers. 

For detailed information on how to upload and run reports using Report Generator, please refer to section 21 "Generate Report" in the IUCLID functionalities manualAll the reports here provided should be run from a Dossier entity in IUCLID. The intended output formats for these reports are PDF and RTF. The recommended stylesheet is landscape mode (applicable to DomunetsN3) - an example is included in this publication..

Changes in v3 include:

  • new version has been adapted to be compatible with IUCLID 6 v7.10.1


Note: Currently only DocumentN3 is available. The remaining documents will be included in future release.





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