Published November 7, 2023 | Version v1
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Data for: Quantifying mantle mixing through Configurational Entopy


Data used to make the figures in the manuscript of van der Wiel, Thieulot en van Hinsbergen: 'Quantifying mantle mixing through configurational Entropy'. Given are the temporal outputs of the entropy calculations for the two used models, the two compositional cases and all tested resolutions as well as the local entropy and particle distributions used to make the figures.

The S_entropies.txt files contain all global entropy values through time at 5 Ma intervals.

columns: 1. (not used) 2. Slocation 3. S 4. (not used) 5. Slocation_normalized 6. S_normalized

The Sj files contain local entropie per cell. The columns contain location points of the center of the lower bound of each cell.

columns: 1. radius 2. angle (-pi to pi) 3. x-coord 4. y-coord 5. Sj 6. Sj_normalized 7. cell-ID 

The 'mixing_timestep.txt' contain the particle distribution and information of composition:

       columns: 2. x-coord 3. y-coord 8. composition-ID


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