Published February 2023 | Version v1
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D1.1 Description of use cases


This deliverable clarifies the problem to be solved in AIDAVA, i.e. (1) develop a "data cleaning" machine with maximum automation in curation and publishing of personal healthcare data and (2) maximise engagement with the patients in the curation process of these data when automation is not possible. 

The deliverable then describes the 2 use cases for testing the prototype: (1) the first use case is hospital centric and will demonstrate feasibility of a  federated "EU" breast cancer registry composed by interoperable extracts issued form multiples different sources from each of the evaluation sites;  (2) the second use case is patient-centric and will demonstrate how patient data curated into an individual longitudinal health record can be reused for visualising of the patient record and for computing a cardiac risk score supporting physicians in monitoring risk for their patients.  We will also explore the possibility of presenting the risk score to the patient.

Finally, the deliverable provides more information on the metrics that will support assessment of the prototype and identify key elements to be taken into account when deploying the prototype across sites.



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