Published March 15, 2023 | Version v2
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Ethics and Society in Brain Research: Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the Human Brain Project (HBP)

  • 1. Danish Board of Technology Foundation
  • 2. Uppsala University
  • 3. Institut Pasteur/Collège de France
  • 4. De Montfort University
  • 5. King's College London
  • 6. University College London
  • 7. University of Essex
  • 8. University of London
  • 10. Polytechnical University Madrid
  • 11. The Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession
  • 12. University of Zürich
  • 13. University of Rovira in Virgili
  • 14. University of Aachen
  • 15. University of British Columbia
  • 16. ROR icon Dana Foundation
  • 17. Institute of Neuroethics


Attention to ethical and social issues were part of the Human Brain Project's work from the very beginning in 2013. Accordingly, a group of HBP researchers from the social sciences and the humanities created several structures and mechanisms and used various conceptual and empirical methods to develop activities and to identify, reflect upon, and manage the ethical and social issues raised by brain research, its outputs, and applications. 

With this collection of essays, we aim to present our work in an accessible format, with the ambition of sharing the research and its outputs with diverse stakeholder communities, including policymakers, civil society -and interest organisations, research, and expert communities outside our peer communities. The collection includes short essays by our HBP colleagues who describe and reflect on their work at different stages of our developmental history. In the process, they offer key findings, reflection points, and lessons learned.


Ethics and Society in Brain Research_Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the Human Brain Project (HBP).pdf

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