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NECCTON: Technical specification of the benthic products (D6.1)

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  • 5. Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie
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The NECCTON D6.1 report provides a clear definition of the benthic products delivered by NECCTON WP6. We intend this report to serve as a reference for internal and external users of the products. The definitions respond to the requirements of users that emerged from the NECCTON workshop "Co-design of future products", which was held on-line in June 2023 (>100 stakeholders attending) and the related online survey "Product co-design", which was live from July to September 2023 (>200 respondents). In this document, the definition of the products includes a brief review of previous and ongoing efforts in defining and delivering the product in an operational framework, as well as a description of the expected exploitation by users and associated impact. 

This document also describes the datasets produced by NECCTON to deliver the products to internal and external users. These descriptions include features of the product, such as their spatial coverage and resolution, and their temporal extension and resolution. It also includes a description of the metadata provided in the files containing the datasets. 


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