Published September 30, 2023 | Version v1
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Measurements, Simulation, Analysis and Geolocation in a Digital Twin tool for bridge management

  • 1. Technical University of Catalonia Department of Civil and Environ-mental Engineering
  • 2. Infra Plan consulting
  • 3. DigitalTwin Technology GmbH



This paper presents a digital-twin based tool that can be used for bridge manage-ment. The tool offers various capabilities that include embedding BIM geometries, simulations, measurements, GIS location, and performance analysis. These features enable efficient and effective management of bridges by providing detailed infor-mation and analysis of the bridge's performance, which can help in identifying po-tential issues and implementing appropriate solutions. The methodology represents one of the outcomes of Ashvin, an H2020 project aimed to providing assistant so-lution for design, construction and management of infrastructure systems. The hith-erto obtained findings include this digital tool which can be of practical and beneficial use for bridge owners and operators, as it can help them to organize and centralize the bridge data in a way it helps making informed decisions regarding the mainte-nance, repair, and replacement of bridges. Overall, this paper highlights the im-portance of embracing technology in the management of critical infrastructure such as bridges, which can significantly improve their performance and extend their lifespan.


Measurements Simulation Analysis and Geolocation in a Digital Twin tool for bridge management_Eurostruct_2023.pdf

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