Published October 30, 2023 | Version v3
Dataset Open

PHYAFB: A new database of the analysis of the physiological needs in amateur female basketball during official matches

  • 1. Institute of new Imaging Technologies. Spain
  • 2. EUSES
  • 3. ROR icon Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU
  • 4. Universitat de Lleida


The Physiological Analysis of Female Basketball players (PHYAFB) database is a valuable resource for studying the physiological demands placed on female amateur basketball players during official games. This database includes heart rate data from ten female players aged between 18 and 26 years, which were collected during ten high-stress matches played during a crucial relegation phase. In total, almost 350,000 heart rate samples have been reported. The data is stored in CSV format, facilitating easy access and analysis, and the database comes with Python source code to support initial examination.

The primary aim of the PHYAFB database is to provide a useful reference for other teams facing similar situations. Furthermore, the database represents a unique and valuable resource for sports scientists, coaches, and trainers seeking to comprehend the physiological demands of female basketball players during official competitions. Through the analysis of heart rate data, coaches and trainers can identify the intensity and duration of physical activity during games, enabling the development of more effective training programs. Additionally, the database can be used to compare the physiological demands placed on male and female basketball players or to investigate the impact of different game strategies on player performance.


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