Published October 25, 2023 | Version 1.0
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The Global Open Research Commons International Model, Version 1


In response to the global movement to implement national and cross-national or global

commons, a Research Data Alliance (RDA) Interest Group was formed to work towards a communitydeveloped

typology for describing research commons. This Interest Group created a Working Group

to develop an International Model describing the attributes of Global Open Research Commons. The

RDA Global Open Research Commons (GORC) International Model (IM) v. 1.0 is presented here as a

spreadsheet. The accompanying report is a narrative document that provides background

information about the initiative, describes its intent and intended audience, the method used to

create it, and its structure and content. It also provides brief descriptions of communities and

activities that have proposed to, or are currently, utilising the model in different contexts, as well as

next steps for work in this area. It is important to recognise that the model is aspirational in nature

and not prescriptive, drawing on existing good practice and promoting inclusive approaches.

The GORC IM Working Group (WG) consolidated a large range of resources and expert feedback to

generate the model, which consists of a number of elements, with associated categories,

subcategories, attributes and features, to be considered when undertaking the development of a

commons of any kind, at any stage. Although the categories, subcategories, attributes and features

are marked as core, desirable or optional, the model does not mandate what should be implemented,

or in what way; the decisions on what is relevant, and where resources should be invested will vary

depending on the environment and priorities of the implementer. The model is already being used in

several contexts that are adapting and testing the model in real world situations. In some cases, the

work is being used in the development of commons, while in other cases it is being utilised in other

research infrastructure projects.


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