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GDI D5.1 Report on coordination and outreach

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  • 2. ROR icon CSC - IT Center for Science (Finland)


The deliverable describes actions taken to organise Pillar II for communication between the partners, as well as outreach about results, like the software solutions for secure genomic data service deployment in the distributed 1+MG nodes. 

By the deadline we have 

  • Established recurrent GDI Pillar II Meetings for both monthly formal progress monitoring and weekly consultation for interaction and questions to the Pillar II leadership. Individual Work Packages and Tasks also have set up their individual regular meetings. 
  • Created Dynamic Pillar II Documentation page: a navigation point linking useful information for easier discovery for partners.
  • Released the GDI Starter Kit, in June 2023 - a software collection produced by Pillar II to give an example for service deployment. It is made available as open source on Github.
  • Established a plan for bi-annual Pillar II Workshops to advance the technical roadmap and build capacities by connecting European experts. The 1st workshop was held in Sweden in February 2023 and the 2nd workshop will be held in October 2023 in Rome, Italy.
  • Coordinated with WP3 to drive the deployment of the Starter Kit by five Vanguard nodes

Advancement of the technical roadmap is enabled by

  • Work Package leads who report progress on WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.
  • National (technical) coordinators who report advancement of service deployment in their country.
  • Product owners who are responsible for developing individual software components for the GDI Starter Kit.
  • Vanguard nodes that provide pioneering service deployment and share their practical expertise in the European setting.
  • A Risk Assessment process to support secure operations


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