Published October 22, 2023 | Version v3
Dataset Open

Model Counting Competition 2020: Competition Instances

  • 1. TU Dresden
  • 2. TU Wien


Instances for the Model Counting Competition 2020

- Track 1 (Model Counting)
- Track 2 (Weighted Model Counting)
- Track 3 (Projected Model Counting)

The even instances (trackX_000.mcc2020_cnf, trackX_000.mcc2020_cnf, ...) were made public for all participants during the testing phase of the solvers, whereas the private instances (trackX_001.mcc2020_cnf, trackX_003.mcc2020_cnf, ...) were used for the final evaluation and disclosed after the submission.  For details, we refer to:
Instances originate from various publicly available data sets and submissions made after a call for benchmarks. The full instances from which we selected is available on Zenodo under Model Counting Competition 2020: Full Instance Set.
For details, see the MCC2020 report (Fichte, Hecher, Hamiti: The Model Counting Competition 2020).

2023-10-22 (v3): Updated instances to the most recent competition format (MC2021).


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