Published October 19, 2023 | Version v1
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JustEd Evidence Brief 3: Education as justice across the system



In this evidence brief, we demonstrate the complex trajectories between secondary education and its intended outcomes in relation to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Quality education is the focus of SDG4 but education is also widely expected to contribute to the fulfilment of other SDGs, such as those related to positive climate action (SDG13), sustained peace (SDG16) and reduced inequalities (SDG10). A central assumption of the role of education for enabling sustainable development is that what is learnt in school will translate into positive attitudes and behaviours. Education's contribution can assume linear trajectories in global and national policy documentation, with an emphasis on policy and curricular content following through to positive outcomes. However, as visualised in image 1, our findings show that these trajectories are more complicated and depend on a range of factors within the education system, notably in relation to pedagogy, the school environment and assessment.


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