Published October 19, 2023 | Version 2.01
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BBC Maida Vale Impulse Response Dataset


This repository presents a dataset of spatial impulse responses measured from the BBC Maida Vale Studios.

The measurements were undertaken in Summer/Autumn 2021 by researchers from the University of York, led by Prof Gavin Kearney and Prof Helena Daffern and team members of BBC R&D. 

The measured studio live rooms presented here are studios MV4 and MV5.

The dataset for each room includes:

- Higher Order Ambisonic (3rd Order) spatial impulse responses for 3DOF/6DOF rendering.

- Reference KEMAR binaural measurements

- ISO-3382 measurements.

- Readme files for each room. 


Important notes: 

- If you use this dataset, please cite the following paper in your work:

Kearney, G., Daffern, H., Cairns, P., Hunt, A., Lee, B., Cooper, J., Tsagkarakis, P., Rudzki, T. and Johnston, D., 2022, September. Measuring the Acoustical Properties of the BBC Maida Vale Recording Studios for Virtual Reality. In Acoustics (Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 783-799). MDPI.

- Source orientations have been measured in the four cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) and impulse responses can be combined to simulate sources with first order directivity patterns. See paper above for further details. 

- For 3DOF/6DOF measurements, Ambix config files are also included for quick audition of the IRs using an appropriate convolver (e.g. MCFX convolver 

- The ISO measurements should not be used for auralisation.

- Measurements taken from the same source-receiver position should ideally not be used directly. If you wish to simulate the same source/receiver position for natural reverberation foldback, then the direct sound portion should be removed as the frequency reponse of this component will be imbalanced, and should be replaced with direct monitoring of a close miked source via your soundcard. 

If you have any questions about the dataset, please contact




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