Published October 17, 2023 | Version v1
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MULTITuDE is a dataset for multilingual machine-generated text detection benchmark, described in the EMNLP 2023 conference paper. It consists of 7992 human-written news texts in 11 languages subsampled from MassiveSumm, accompanied by 66089 texts generated by 8 large language models (by using headlines of news articles). The creation process and scripts for replication/extension are located in a GitHub repository.

If you use this dataset in any publication, project, tool or in any other form, please, cite the paper.


The dataset has the following fields:

  • 'text' - a text sample,
  • 'label' - 0 for human-written text, 1 for machine-generated text,
  • 'multi_label' - a string representing a large language model that generated the text or the string "human" representing a human-written text,
  • 'split' - a string identifying train or test split of the dataset for the purpose of training and evaluation respectively,
  • 'language' - the ISO 639-1 language code identifying the language of the given text,
  • 'length' - word count of the given text,
  • 'source' - a string identifying the source dataset / news medium of the given text.

Statistics (the number of samples)


  • train - 44786
  • test - 29295

Binary labels:

  • 0 - 7992
  • 1 - 66089

Multiclass labels:

  • gpt-3.5-turbo -       8300
  • gpt-4 -                    8300
  • text-davinci-003 -   8297
  • alpaca-lora-30b -   8290
  • vicuna-13b -          8287
  • opt-66b -                8229
  • llama-65b -            8229
  • opt-iml-max-1.3b - 8157
  • human -                 7992


  • English (en) - 29460 (train + test)
  • Spanish (es) - 11586 (train + test)
  • Russian (ru) - 11578 (train + test)
  • Dutch (nl) - 2695 (test)
  • Catalan (ca) - 2691 (test)
  • Czech (cs) - 2689 (test)
  • German (de) - 2685 (test)
  • Chinese (zh) - 2683 (test)
  • Portuguese (pt) - 2673 (test)
  • Arabic (ar) - 2673 (test)
  • Ukrainian (uk) - 2668 (test)



The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.

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