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Figure 3 from: Framenau V, Miglio L, Harms D, Harvey M (2014) Four new Mouse Spider species (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Actinopodidae, Missulena) from Western Australia. ZooKeys 410: 121-148.

Miglio, Laura; Harms, Danilo; Framenau, Volker; Harvey, Mark

Figure 3 - Missulena melissae sp. n., holotype male (WAM T97323): A patella II, dorsal view B patella III, dorsal view C coxae and labium of pedipalp, ventral view D coxae of pedipalp, ventral view E cheliceral groove, retroventral view F abdomen, dorsal view G labium, ventral view H sternum and sigillae, ventral view I chelicerae, dorsal view J spinnerets, ventral view.

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