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Figures 19-22 from: Aballay F, Arriagada G, Flores G, Centeno N (2013) An illustrated key to and diagnoses of the species of Histeridae (Coleoptera) associated with decaying carcasses in Argentina. ZooKeys 261: 61-84.

Aballay, Fernando; Arriagada, Gerardo; Flores, Gustavo; Centeno, Néstor

Figures 19-22 - Habitus in dorsal view. 19 Euspilotus (Hesperosaprinus) modestus 20 Euspilotus (Hesperosaprinus) parenthesis 21 Euspilotus (Hesperosaprinus) connectens 22 Euspilotus (Hesperosaprinus) azureus. Scale bars: 2 mm.

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