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Figure 4 from: Morse J, Zhong H, Yang L (2012) New species of Plectrocnemia and Nyctiophylax (Trichoptera, Polycentropodidae) from China. ZooKeys 169: 39-59. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.169.1827

Morse, John; Zhong, Hao; Yang, Lian-fang

Figure 4 - Plectrocnemia qianshanensis Morse, Zhong & Yang, sp. n., male genitalia. 4A left lateral view 4B ventral view 4C dorsal view 4D right inferior appendage, caudal view 4E subphallic sclerite, caudal view 4F phallus, left lateral view. ap.s. = apical setae of mesal plate of an inferior appendage; dig.pro. = digitate process of a mesal plate of an inferior appendage; inf.app. = inferior appendage; mes.pl. = mesal plate of an inferior appendage; m.v.pro.pre.app. = mesoventral process of a preanal appendage; para. = paramere; ph.b. = phallobase; ph.c. = phallicata; phtrl. scl. = phallotremal sclerite; pre.app. = preanal appendage; s.IX = sternum IX; sph.s. = subphallic sclerite; t.IX = tergum IX; t.X = tergum X; v.m.pro.inf.app. = ventromesal process of an inferior appendage.
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