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Matched Molecular Pair Analysis on Large Melting Point Datasets: A Big Data Perspective

Michael Withnall; Hongming Chen; Igor Tetko

A matched molecular pair (MMP) analysis was used to examine the change in melting point (MP) between pairs of similar molecules in a set of ∼275k compounds. We found many cases in which the change in MP (ΔMP) of compounds correlates with changes in functional groups. In line with the results of a previous study, correlations between ΔMP and simple molecular descriptors, such as the number of hydrogen bond donors, were identified. In using a larger dataset, covering a wider chemical space and range of melting points, we observed that this method remains stable and scales well with larger datasets. This MMP-based method could find use as a simple privacy-preserving technique to analyze large proprietary databases and share findings between participating research groups.

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