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Comparison Plotter to visually evaluate ocean model simulations (ComPlot)

van Hulten, Marco

ComPlot compares (gridded) model results with observational (point) data by plotting the data on top of the model output as dots. It is meant for oceanographers who want to compare ocean model output with observations.
It is programmed almost exclusively in the classic Ferret scripting language, but several standard Unix commands (like sed) are used to overcome limitations in Ferret. Ferret is a visualisation and analysis environment for oceanographers and meteorologists.

This development of this code was supported by a Swedish Research Council grant (349-2012-6287) in the framework of the French--Swedish cooperation in the common research training programme in the climate, environment and energy agreement between VR and LSCE, for the project Particle transport derived from isotope tracers and its impact on ocean biogeochemistry: a GEOTRACES project in the Arctic Ocean". Final development was supported by the project "Overturning circulation and its implications for the global carbon cycle in coupled models" (ORGANIC, The Research Council of Norway, grant no. 239965).
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