Dataset Open Access

Tractography Challenge ISMRM 2015 Submissions

Klaus H. Maier-Hein; Peter F. Neher; Jean-Christophe Houde; Marc-Alexandre Côté; Eleftherios Garyfallidis; Jidan Zhong; Maxime Chamberland; Fang-Cheng Yeh; Ying-Chia Lin; Qing Ji; Wilburn E. Reddick; John O. Glass; David Qixiang Chen; Yuanjing Feng; Chengfeng Gao; Ye Wu; Jieyan Ma; H Renjie; Qiang Li; Carl-Fredrik Westin; Samuel Deslauriers-Gauthier; J. Omar Ocegueda González; Michael Paquette; Samuel St-Jean; Gabriel Girard; François Rheault; Jasmeen Sidhu; Chantal M.W. Tax; Fenghua Guo; Hamed Y. Mesri; Szabolcs Dávid; Martijn Froeling; Anneriet M. Heemskerk; Alexander Leemans; Arnaud Boré; Basile Pinsard; Christophe Bedett; Matthieu Desrosiers; Simona Brambati; Julien Doyon; Alessia Sarica; Roberta Vasta; Antonio Cerasa; Aldo Quattrone; Jason Yeatman; Ali R. Khan; Wes Hodges; Simon Alexander; David Romascano; Muhamed Barakovic; Anna Auría; Oscar Esteban; Alia Lemkaddem; Jean-Philippe Thiran; H. Ertan Cetingul; Benjamin L. Odry; Boris Mailhe; Mariappan S. Nadar; Fabrizio Pizzagalli; Gautam Prasad; Julio E. Villalon-Reina; Justin Galvis; Paul M. Thompson; Francisco De Santiago Requejo; Pedro Luque Laguna; Luis Miguel Lacerda; Rachel Barrett; Flavio Dell'Acqua; Marco Catani; Laurent Petit; Emmanuel Caruyer; Alessandro Daducci; Tim B. Dyrby; Tim Holland-Letz; Claus C. Hilgetag; Bram Stieltjes; Maxime Descoteaux

Submissions to the open international ISMRM 2015 tractography challenge. 20 research groups with extensive expertise in diffusion imaging from 12 countries participated in the competition and submitted a total of 96 tractograms generated using a large variety of tractography pipelines with different pre-processing, local reconstruction, tractography and post-processing algorithms.

Each file represents an individual submission. The mapping from file name to team can be inferred from the listing in the paper, as seen in the references.

Files (39.0 GB)
Name Size
10_0.vtk md5:b0d01eebebab93f4f456bca0e5517358 12.2 MB Download
10_1.vtk md5:41b8bf01bfae24496073eae24c91e253 39.2 MB Download
10_10.vtk md5:6c26c0d39530d029c78a0135c2144f22 97.8 MB Download
10_11.vtk md5:3cf61010ec6073ab424e05ad41ebe55c 100.5 MB Download
10_12.vtk md5:c4e9e55695a0266bca7f5ebf287eb499 98.2 MB Download
10_13.vtk md5:8116eb91be951f577580fbe8f8225d9a 99.2 MB Download
10_14.vtk md5:08b418c278eed8dc076424fe44ec381f 12.2 MB Download
10_15.vtk md5:0d6aa10ccf706b8e5f2af794efc95bd5 101.2 MB Download
10_16.vtk md5:a0b42c34024862301000936ae8391c68 94.6 MB Download
10_17.vtk md5:c90cc2d11d22e3c02945c21b2055a842 11.5 MB Download
10_18.vtk md5:176f9e2da0dc16d78dcb7e7475bc9b06 22.2 MB Download
10_19.vtk md5:8018d83faec913eea8b45b555c1488da 21.5 MB Download
10_2.vtk md5:9d426eba35acb9a511f0a7a0906d5af6 95.2 MB Download
10_3.vtk md5:79cefbb55c81eb9405a49cb7be3f1569 70.0 MB Download
10_4.vtk md5:980d65a3b212150b75d74b1fabd51f65 11.3 MB Download
10_5.vtk md5:0e96a0450f33c606a02840495a460e47 21.8 MB Download
10_6.vtk md5:43cf1d6b510cd710f3452111a3f28d16 98.9 MB Download
10_7.vtk md5:8de53ef5055df567bad154ddad2f2549 98.1 MB Download
10_8.vtk md5:820fbb1e0167698d20b967312f66b0b4 98.3 MB Download
10_9.vtk md5:0e382abb9673c73d9eb96cbb4d684458 21.5 MB Download
11_0.trk md5:485c87dd8bf28de9e56ffe2542df6a25 1.7 GB Download
11_1.trk md5:6f152df735a2aa5e30ae6e09f4c9e8f4 216.5 MB Download
12_0.trk md5:8327b0d5ddd5fc99913e3aac4a601641 208.5 MB Download
12_1.trk md5:5eb3434fab236a3effa751965ba8126b 189.5 MB Download
12_2.trk md5:0381e5412a228fd4b41ceeede039a1ff 1.9 GB Download
12_3.trk md5:5737596b589138b5605c9f42518b81bd 1.9 GB Download
13_0.tck md5:53078cb88d0fc9f0839b37162a5cfced 1.9 GB Download
13_1.tck md5:a826c14466e68bdff204604a5ab80840 2.0 GB Download
13_2.tck md5:9eb4762e59f7eedadaa81230ebb5f80f 2.0 GB Download
13_3.tck md5:ae51371676b477fae9ef6d8829d6846a 2.0 GB Download
14_0.tck md5:ebb5588e894bcc5105fa3693cfa1b0ed 858.9 MB Download
14_1.tck md5:6592740a1ba86648891f40d1f23b5780 916.0 MB Download
14_2.tck md5:2e2108bc674dd2a7e9b7e45b3ca8d09b 983.2 MB Download
15_0.vtk md5:643bcdc941921f223397fb69a1b03492 15.5 MB Download
16_0.trk md5:5ba9c413c6965dfc4df3393710bb8dd7 73.9 MB Download
16_1.trk md5:cb864c1a68df846a3f97e50241562be1 289.7 MB Download
16_2.trk md5:b2b33cb555afb4f3d0d07ed2436f65d2 41.7 MB Download
16_3.trk md5:6be03fa2d2c43c7f49467298d4c52d82 878.2 MB Download
16_4.trk md5:08a53c38de39f3ac9077e366690d6bf2 1.3 GB Download
17_0.trk md5:6401a384932e4855a3e3a6f86ec15452 129.4 MB Download
17_1.trk md5:118aac99d2046a7c01ab03e3de2c9947 217.8 MB Download
17_2.trk md5:fe6b4877daa5994b177fe42176ab6fab 4.7 MB Download
17_3.trk md5:c8539e75f96fe054f3e51c6500524d99 127.4 MB Download
17_4.trk md5:652d672846ffe777a0145cc20da4fb05 133.7 MB Download
18_0.tck md5:658d69b84de2c537700cd81f7013349b 525.3 MB Download
18_1.tck md5:f706a00b85bea98155658a51229a1983 444.6 MB Download
18_2.tck md5:dfa75b0f591b0fa588155ef6a9830585 118.8 MB Download
18_3.tck md5:b327238b3a69ba7b4ce86a52ec82dabb 659.7 MB Download
18_4.tck md5:4a5f7e3330576e985f7edc23105e4019 150.2 MB Download
19_0.trk md5:a2c15d74b3daf8f4af7a9cffba62078e 36.2 MB Download
19_1.trk md5:0e826d451c83ffb82ab1e034375d7385 9.7 MB Download
19_2.trk md5:e977f1c5a5480f88924a35b3bd6655f1 15.7 MB Download
1_0.tck md5:c32d2657308f6dc9c6ba41fc8e49bcd8 1.1 GB Download
1_1.tck md5:595c1732279aab11466cf0d42e765e5a 1.1 GB Download
1_2.tck md5:6e78b069c1327b8107f36f4caff6f186 1.1 GB Download
1_3.tck md5:8608496f8486726f3a803394d1189938 1.1 GB Download
1_4.tck md5:7f55f7b378b54d8531eb2cf66d3ffac0 1.1 GB Download
20_0.trk md5:06a999043b4a103de6e1a04825168685 79.6 MB Download
20_1.trk md5:75ef02128bcb99c0c5e2adb128900dfc 31.2 MB Download
20_10.trk md5:80549cd9be1cd76bdbfb018967b732e0 84.5 MB Download
20_11.trk md5:939f866612e274eefec368923e5d35ff 66.0 MB Download
20_12.trk md5:596e49cf985f7282c6d0b7d8721bb5a7 67.5 MB Download
20_13.trk md5:228032a48b8d781f3c22e2664766ac56 76.8 MB Download
20_14.trk md5:e4dde14de08cc6dc2d2e247c016511a3 76.6 MB Download
20_2.trk md5:8c049d0b66a901233fd32963dd63b759 31.7 MB Download
20_3.trk md5:41ff159ba5f711775ee4d562def28813 73.8 MB Download
20_4.trk md5:9d590ea3e17eecb0c5a7595274a30e3d 72.5 MB Download
20_5.trk md5:ed474c27172913f51423638fdfc95362 75.2 MB Download
20_6.trk md5:549877c200928ea0e489f2a2dc95e65d 28.5 MB Download
20_7.trk md5:8f62b216f6d84a7e6cabef996a14d431 64.9 MB Download
20_8.trk md5:8fb4791cef8c3d3fd6576638e65b16bb 74.3 MB Download
20_9.trk md5:53538cb6c81c29501241378967ee5c72 87.3 MB Download
2_0.tck md5:686db05d7037699a06cb36d3f1070572 199.6 MB Download
3_0.trk md5:92fbd6bd38452d4dc7258d4f2edd2d4f 296.1 MB Download
3_1.trk md5:d5e325d893b5016948c08b3974cf086e 33.9 MB Download
3_2.trk md5:b3c8af92b7b0b64869c8ac90ef977798 31.1 MB Download
3_3.trk md5:f8c0c2595610d67079d6e853dc77bf65 702.9 MB Download
3_4.trk md5:73f8d74cfb4b1f615336d5d932e48b67 94.6 MB Download
4_0.vtk md5:3af4f21b4e3d1ce791a1c57a9bf831f2 21.9 MB Download
5_0.trk md5:56b4c244d529c34e079d51d32d8773fa 6.3 MB Download
5_1.trk md5:d710b728772f3b66f988ce3a308add79 151.4 MB Download
6_0.vtk md5:479b8c3d6de5166eb9bd39523ed68561 1.9 GB Download
6_1.tck md5:c2a5160fffabec5761f5bbbddd0f2e89 368.0 MB Download
6_2.vtk md5:a94351fb8c46671ec457a65dfce22d03 1.6 GB Download
6_3.tck md5:38a46b645e3e6a804b6fd9893772b4be 1.7 GB Download
6_4.vtk md5:b0ec627f6ad2d4b7dd3ccd9d53630aca 233.5 MB Download
7_0.vtk md5:efb53a822854e3963ca709003c6590f7 346.8 MB Download
7_1.vtk md5:06bd777fd02ee98931bfb9e3608bb0f7 322.8 MB Download
7_2.vtk md5:6401cb01ecc5e5a4ab4ef69ebd1fb75a 32.2 MB Download
7_3.vtk md5:e06aad3b6d0154d3a9cca54eb151f859 34.8 MB Download
8_0.trk md5:54e5bf8eec7f0d882cd02f2b6e04c189 264.2 MB Download
9_0.tck md5:d120aebbf96377031d1c12259ee189c9 117.1 MB Download
9_1.tck md5:685697114036dc69bfd7005931b58083 407.3 MB Download
9_2.tck md5:19cfcebec9391c2d8208ec13f6ba374d 118.8 MB Download
9_3.tck md5:93060772b018b5af8899bdc06d5a4193 266.9 MB Download
9_4.tck md5:281c9b6fbd17d72d09369411e392f4b2 136.6 MB Download


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