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Software Carpentry: Programming with MATLAB

Becker, Erin; Berghold, Jared; Boyle, Amy; Brown, Kyler; Capes, Gerard; Clayton, Sarah; Croucher, Mike; Daigle, Remi; Desjardins, James A.; Duncan, Susan; Hawke, Ian; James, Seb; Kiral-Kornek, Isabell; Kotliarskyi, Alex; Moore, Jason K.; Navarro, Fran; Pearson, John; Silva, Raniere; Srinath, Ashwin; Thomas, Adam; Voter, Carolyn

Kiral-Kornek, Isabell; Srinath, Ashwin

A full-day introduction to programming with MATLAB, written and maintained by the Software Carpentry community.

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