Dataset Open Access

GitHub Open Source Survey 2017

Zlotnick, Frances

Data and accompanying documentation for the Open Source Survey fielded by GitHub and collaborators in 2017. Respondents were sourced via random sampling from traffic to licensed open source repositories on and from invitations sent to selected open source communities that work on other platforms. The files here include a README, a full copy of the (English) questionnaire, notes for working with the data, and two CSV data files. A report based on the subset of responses sampled from is available at 

See the README for details on sampling methodology, and notes and questionnaire files for question wordings, response options, branching logic, and recoded variables. 

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negative_incidents.csv md5:ccdea89dabbad5549eb3a34f2a09bd10 689.1 kB Download
notes.txt md5:accea1835b5af5586557196d68f9c633 3.8 kB Download
questionnaire.txt md5:21ff7ce4fd8014a15533f1ea0c35eb6f 26.4 kB Download
README.txt md5:76c8331201dd3e47dbfbe940e91788ff 3.4 kB Download
survey_data.csv md5:f88600082147ec1348c75bbed5346077 7.5 MB Download


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