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R2U2 V3 Demonstration Artifact for the 35th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV'23)

Johannsen, Chris; Jones, Phillip; Kempa, Brian; Rozier, Kristin Yvonne; Zhang, Pei

Artifact Evaluation Submission for

R2U2 Version 3.0: Re-imagining a Toolchain for Specification, Resource Estimation, and Optimized Observer Generation for Runtime Verification in Hardware and Software
Chris Johannsen, Phillip Jones, Brian Kempa, Kristin Yvonne Rozier, Pei Zhang


Getting Started:

1) Install docker (or a compatible alternative) on your machine.
Docker is free and open-source and can be downloaded from []

2) Import the included tarball
From a terminal shell in the same directory as the downloaded artifact, the `cav23_r2u2.tar` file can be imported with the command:
    `docker load < cav23_r2u2.tar`

3) Start the container
The tarball loads an "image" from which "containers" can be run. View the loaded images with `docker images` then start a new container (or instance of the image) with:
    `docker run -p 8050:8050 -it --rm cav23_r2u2_artifact`
the the `-p` flag maps port 8050 to allow you to access the GUI from the host machine's web browser, flags `-it` give you an interactive terminal with the container while `--rm` removes the container (but not the image) when you exit. If you'd rather keep a persistent container to save changes, remove this flag.

4) You will now have a bash shell at the home directory of the artifact. Read the README.txt for replication instructions, run `./` to re-run all included cases and compare them to archived output logs, or explore the source code in `r2u2/` to learn how to write your own specifications or modify the monitor.

5) To access the GUI, run `python` from `r2u2/GUI` and open a web browser on the host machine to `localhost:8050`

Note: If you removed the `--rm` flag, after exiting the shell the container will still be running in the background until you issue a `docker stop` command for the container

This work was funded by NSF CAREER Award CNS-1552934, NASA-ECF NNX16AR57G, NASA Cooperative Agreement Grant #80NSSC21M0121, and NSF:CPS Award 2038903. Thanks to the NASA Lunar Gateway Vehicle System Manager team for novel feature requests.
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