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Matthew Thompson; Ben Auer; Tom Clune; Weiyuan Jiang; Atanas Trayanov; Darian Boggs; Amidu Oloso; Gian Villamil-Otero; Raffaele Montuoro; William Jamieson; Peter Norris; Lizzie Lundgren; Elliot Sherman; Liam Bindle; Arlindo M. da Silva; JulesKouatchou; Natalie Patten; Sebastian David Eastham; Christoph Keller; patricia-nasa; Bill Putman; Yury Vikhliaev; adarmenov; Bin Zhao

This patch release of MAPL has a bug fixe for handling of climatological emissions in ExtData2G when passing a year boundary. This release also contains preliminary Ford documentation for the MAPL API which can be found at

NOTE TO EXTERNAL USERS OF MAPL: This release of MAPL includes a code that is built with f2py. If you do not have a need for this code, it is recommended you set:

The libraries this version of MAPL is currently tested with are below. (No change since last release of MAPL)

  • Baselibs 7.7.0
    • netcdf-c 4.9.0 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • netcdf-fortran 4.6.0 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • ESMF 8.4.0 (Required)
    • GFE 1.8.0
      • gFTL 1.8.1
      • gFTL-shared 1.5.0
      • pFUnit 4.6.1 (optional)
      • fArgParse 1.4.1 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FARGPARSE=YES, default=YES)
      • pFlogger 1.9.1 (if -DBUILD_WITH_PFLOGGER=YES, default=YES)
      • yaFyaml 1.0.4 (if -DUSE_EXTDATA2G=YES, default=YES)
      • FLAP geos/v1.10.0 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FLAP=YES, default=YES)
From Fixed
  • Fixed bug in climatologies with ExtDataV2 when wrapping around the year
  • Added Ford documentation
What's Changed

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