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Dataset: Harmonized and Open Energy Dataset for Modeling a Highly Renewable Brazilian Power System

Deng,Ying; Cao, Karl-Kiên; Hu, Wenxuan; Stegen, Ronald; von Krbek, Kai; Soria, Rafael; Rochedo, Pedro Rua Rodriguez; Jochem, Patrick

The dataset provided here is intended for publication - Harmonized and Open Energy Dataset for Modeling a Highly Renewable Brazilian Power System.

Direct use of our provided datasets is available from Zenodo, and the source code to generate the datasets is published in Gitlab. We describe the data collection process in detail and open source the code for data processing and analysis in our publication.

The assembled dataset includes the following subcategories, as detailed in the methods section of our publication: i) geospatial data for Brazil, ii) aggregated grid network topology, iii) vRES potentials --- profile and installable generation capacity, iv) geographically installable capacity of biomass thermal plants, v) hydropower plants inflow, vi) existing and planned power generators with their capacity, vii) electricity load profile, viii) scenarios of sectoral energy demand and ix) cross-border electricity exchanges. This dataset is resolved geographically by Brazilian federal states, and time series data are resolved by hours, spanning 2012-2020.

The dataset can be used as input to popular open energy system models such as PyPSA and any other modelling framework.

We encourage you to contribute to improving the datasets.

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